The 2018 new silicone doll

We upgrade the 167cm doll body. we give her fixed vagina and more sculpture details on body.

It’s more realistic than ever before.

The new doll discount price is $3199~3299.

purchase the 2018 Evo doll with S class make-up  

new upgrade

since 2018, we are research more upgrade on the physical details. give it more surface texture on sculpture.

we offer 2 new doll head for this new body only. and they are only fit for new Special skin color. it is between the cream and tan color, more like real person skin.

They are Sharon and Leaf, these 2 face only for 167evo body, and only with this new skin color.

We also upgarde the make-up skills, we offer Kayla, Sharon and Leaf with new S class make-up. it is Waxworks level color paint. more like real woman, more details.

The body is based on the 167cm doll body upgraded, it have more sculpture detail, skin textrue, and fixed vagina and anal.

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

The new make-up skill used on the silicone dolls, not only the face, also include the body, we give the doll Waxworks level color painting.

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

love doll body detail

The doll vagina depth is 16cm, silicone is elastic. For sex this size fits most men. Inside the vagina it's textured to imitate the structure of real a woman. the anal is 6cm

silicone sex doll

The new Evo body is same size with 167cm doll

 Body data info:

B-W-H: 85cm-59cm-95cm, Weight: 29kg, height: 167cm

body length
150cm (without head)
upper length
bust girth
chest girth
waist girth
hip girth
arm length
wrist girth
hand length
thigh length
thigh girth
crus length
ankle girth
feet length

Data may depart slightly from the actual size

Only those 3 dolls with S class make-up now, with new 167evo body.

If with nomal color painting, the 167evo doll discount price is same as nomal 167cm doll, order can be placed from order selection page.

shipping fee depends on shipping address, if shipping to USA or Canada it will cost $470~490.

Purchase the those 3 S class make-up doll, with free clothes, same as the pictures. (Police cosplay uniform, red underwear, office lady uniform, one of those clothes.)

purchase the S class make-up Evo dolls   purchase 167evo doll with any heads


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