How to purchase DS products

As doll products are special and involve complex working procedures, we only accept advanced orders for the time being.

It takes 1-3 weeks to complete manufacturing a doll after confirmation of the order. During the manufacturing process, we will inform the customers of the production progress and the relevant information at all times.

customer can make orders form our "SELECTS" page and "DS-Mall" page.

The SELECTS page offers all options of our dolls. customer can select and combination the options and make every doll distinctive style.

We have many options for the doll - doll heads, type of joints, doll finger details. Some of the options carry an extra charge.

how to purchase

When selecting the doll body, the doll head selections available will automatic change. Some doll head only fit the 145 bodies, others only fit 158-168 bodies.

how to purchase

when selet all the options, click confirm button will submit the order.

how to purchase

SELECTS web page has automatic price calculation function, it will provide a price for reference. Also customers can check the shipping reference fee by clicking the button. All the prices are estimated but we will confirm the correct price and shipping fee by email or message.

how to purchase

Registered DS users can edit the shipping address on the "Account" page which shows on the page top after log in. Users can check the doll making process and order states on the website, also, register DS user can leave us message directly on the web page.

how to purchase

Non-registered users can order our doll directly. We will contact such customers by email.

DS MALL offer all the peripherals and assistance, include some clothes and wigs.

DS MALL also offer recommend dolls and discount dolls.

All orders of dolls or items will list in the shopping cart.

Customers can check, edit and delete the order on the account page.

how to purchase

We will received the order after the customer submits it, and we will send customer confirmatory email or message as soon as we can

we will confirm the doll order details, price, shipping fee and payment in the email.

if customer didn't receive our email or message after 3 business days, please check the email spam folder and email us:

when we send the confirm email, there will be the accurate price and shipping fee.

Payment may via bank-to-bank transfer (bank may charge $20-60), and payment also may made by Paypal( it will extra charge 4.5%).

We will send customers the bill or the bank info of first part (15-30%), when customer decided to make the order.

We start making the doll when we have received an advance payment. the doll making process will take 2-3 weeks. include the color painting and make up.

No refund if production has begun.

and customer can pay the rest of amount when the doll is completed, also we will send customer picture of the doll to confirm when it ready.

we will ship the doll when we have received the payment of the rest of the amount.

Bank transfer may cause a few days delay. Usually, it take 2-3 days but some bank will take a week. We recommend Paypal!

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