Doll questions and answers

also, please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our dolls, website and purchase process

 Doll head sell separately ?

if only ordering a separate doll head, the price will be $720-750 but if ordered with a doll body, the extra doll head will be $620-650.

 Can I order custom face by photo ?

no, because the image rights: we don't offer face custom work

 Is the Doll head removable ?

yes, all the doll heads are remobale, we have 10 kinds of bodies and 26 kinds of heads. they can free combination.

 How to install head ?

here is a video show how to install doll head on body  Install head 

 Can the joints fix a posed position ?

Yes, the tight joints can fix a posture. We offer 2 kinds of joint: loose joint and tight joint. Only the tight joints can fix posture.

 can all the doll with nails ?

Yes, we can give all dolls both hand and toe nails.

 Can all the dolls have anal facility?

Yes, all the doll with anal hole, has anal sex function. But we don't recommend this action as it's easy to tear the silicone.

the anal and vagina size is fixed, can't change. please check the video:

  Anal sex 
 Can all the doll provide oral facility?

We only have 2 doll heads with oral function, but we don't recommend this action, as it's easy to tear the silicone and harm their beauty.

please check the video of oral function:

  Oral sex 
 What skin colors are your dolls?

We offer 4 kinds standard skin color, white, light pink, yellow, brown.  Check doll color

 can the doll stand on her feet??

The doll can stand on her feet against the wall or by holding some support that supports her. But she should only stand for a short time to protect the silicone feet.

 Are all the inserts the same size ?

we have 3 kinds doll insert, one is for 158-163cm bodies, other is for 145cm bodies. and the 167cm doll use same size insert with 145cm bodies.

 how to install the insert ?

here are some video about the doll inserts for reference.

please check the video of vagina function:

  Insert setup 
 What material is the skin ?

The doll skin is platinum silicone rubber.

silicone sfety report 
 What is inside the doll ?

the doll is the NON inflatable variety. no air inside. it has mechanical structures joints and the interior structures of the dolls are filled with soft PU sponge and covered with high-quality simulation silicone skin.

 What weight is the doll ?

please check the "body" page, there are information about all dolls doll info

 how to order the doll ?

please check the "Purchase" button on the top of this page, there is informations about the puchase process.

 how to repair the doll ?

If the doll skin tear or broken, please contact us with email, we will help for repair.

We have the repair kits for free, but sorry for that there is no any shipping company can take liquid from China.

here is a link : smooth-on silicone glue

Customers have found "Permatex flowable silicone windshield sealer" also to be good: permatex-flowable-silicone-windshield-glass-sealer

also may find more similar glue in your local store or online shop.

Doll repair info : repair

 Can the doll go into water ?

The doll can take a shower and also you can put the doll in to water, but don't put the doll neck and all doll head into water. Do not put the metal parts into water.

 Make the doll breast bigger or smaller ?

The doll mould is fixed, the doll breast size can not change.

 Does the doll make-up erase ?

The doll make-up can not erase. It is part of the silicone colour. It will not disappear even with washing with water. Customer can make-up the doll with normal cosmetics but we don't recommend oil type cosmetics.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us email or message, we will reply as soon as we can.

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