Doll package and shipping info


Our factory is located in China, shipping fee is depends on the box size and shipping address.

Our shipping company uses DHL/UPS/TNT for International transport. This is door to door delivery. We give customers the tracking number, and customers can check the shipping process online.

Please check the accurate prices of the shipping fees.   Check shipping

The packing method

We offer carton box packge for shipping:

box is light, easy to open and move. It has sponge foam protection inside, it is ensure safe arrival of the doll.

sex doll package sex doll package sex doll package

The 2020 Summit doll package

We offer new package for the summit dolls:

box is bigger, but it keep the doll safe during shipping, also, it can be use for long time storage

sex doll package sex doll package sex doll package

package size and weight

Summit 168cm doll carton box size is: 181cm x 52cm x 38cm

weight is: 46kg( include the doll).

Summit 152cm doll carton box size is: 165cm x 46cm x 35cm

weight is: 43kg( include the doll).

158cm ~ 170cm doll carton box size is: 158cm x 40cm x 46cm

weight is: 50kg( include the doll).

145 doll carton box size is: 141cm x 36cm x 45cm.

weight is:30kg( include the doll).

for customer privacy, there is no logo or sign on the package, and we can declare it as "mannequin" or any name customer want.

For almost every country, there is no or little import tax or any paper work when purchase silicone doll.

We use a reliable third - party logistics company who take care of all the import problem for customers.

Customers don't need to worry about how to import a doll from China: there is no any paper work and extra charge, and the shipping company will help with customs clearance and tax.

We need customer's shipping address, so customers need to fill out the contact information on the account page.

shipping info

If you are not a registered user, please full the shipping address on order form.

shipping info

Customers' privacy is important to DS doll, we will not disclose any personal privacy.

Our shipping company will use DHL,TNT or UPS for International transport and this is door to door delivery.

We will give customer the tracking number so that customer can check the shipping process online.

The customer's phone number is given to the Shipping company, they will call for make an appointment of delivery time or ask payment for ant customs fee when the doll box has arrived.

For a few countries the international shipping may not give door to door service and it may go to the closest customs clearing office to your location, which may be your nearest airport. If this is the case, when the doll arrives you will be contacted by the shipping company.

Of course customers do not want the "sex doll" on the paper and box so we will declare the doll "mannequin" or any name the customer wants.

We can ship the doll body and the head separately but with extra shipping fee for the head.

The shipping fee only depends box size and shipping address.

We offer carton box for shipping, so far, we didn't have reports of any package damagefrom customers.

Please click the button "check the cost of doll shipping" to customer's country.   Check shipping

Shipping dolls outside China for some countries may be subject to the customs fees, import duties and taxes of the country to which you have your order shipped. Our shipping company will help customer deal with all the problem.

If customs charge tax for the doll, usually customer don't need to do any paper work with customs, shipping company will send bill to customer, if can make payment online, it will be very easy.

Here we have many reviews show the experience about how to order the doll from China, please check the doll forums.   see doll reviews

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