Silicone doll sex function

The life-sized simulation doll is a kind of human model with a height similar to that of a real person.

The dolls can move as a real person. As the limbs can move flexibly, they can be used for photography with fixed poses.

upgraded mechanical structures joints will operate easily

Check doll movment info: e Doll range of movements  also, please check the videos about the doll movement:  Videos

Our products are not only adult sex toy, but work of art

DS are most cost - effective, free-style combination of the doll heads and bodies

we have 10 kinds of doll bodies, 26 kinds of doll heads, include the skin color and eye's color, there are more than twenty thousand kinds of combinations, and everyone's doll is unique.

Learn more about the DS products:  Video about us

main purpose of the love doll is sex simulation.

our sex doll with removable insert. also have anal, we have 2 heads with oral.

the doll is not inflatable variety, it is heavy and for sex function, it's necessary to give her the correct posture. Of course the doll is not real woman so customers have to take time for "running in" to find the most comfortable positions.

here are some posed pictures for reference:

how to use the sex doll 01

how to use the sex doll 02

Sexual play with the doll will need a lot lubricating fluid: it can be same lubricants type for real sex. Shower gels are also ok.

love doll sex function instruction

doll insert is removable, easy to take out for cleaning. the inserts is resilient material, it can fit 15-20cm. The anal hole length is 10cm.

145cm doll has a special version insert, it can fit 25cm length. order this special version insert, need contact us by email.

DS only have 3 doll heads with oral sex function, "Kathy" and "Penny" they can fit 158-168 bodies. "DoraCE" can fit 145 bodies the oral hole length is 12cm.

The 2020 new Summit series dolls are with fixed vagina and anal.

The Summit doll vainga deep size is about 16~18cm, anal deep size is about 16~17cm.

Learn more about the Summit doll sex function:  Summit doll sex function

The 167Evo doll vagina depth is 16cm, silicone is elastic. For sex this size fits most men. Inside the vagina it's textured to imitate the structure of real a woman. the anal is 6cm

The 2018 Evo series doll is with fixed vagina and anal.

silicone sex doll

The 167Evo doll vagina depth is 16cm, silicone is elastic. For sex this size fits most men. Inside the vagina it's textured to imitate the structure of real a woman. the anal is 6cm

We offer 2 kind male doll penis, erect and atrophic.

The bigger dildo inside with skeleton, it can be change the angle and bend. the small dildo is soft silicone, no skeleton inside.

male type love doll sex function dildo

The big dildo size is about 15cm length, diameter of 3.5cm. the Male type doll body's anal hole is 12cm deep.

The male type doll body also can install the regular female insert, there is same hole on the body, the female body can install the dildo too.

male type love doll dildo install

male type love doll erectile dildo detial male type love doll relax dildo detial

here are more pictures for reference:

male doll body   male doll gallery   male doll body size

if the vdieo don't display, please change other browser. or download it by right click save as.

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