new technology research

we never know for certain what will happen in the future . . .

DS dolls will not only be sex toys: we are researching the next generation love doll technology. We have planned a much bigger stage for DS products.

Our company and products

Robots are the upcoming Technology That May Change The World.

It is a gigantic project, we have a good start and we believe that DS will have a promising future.

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In order to realize human movements to the maximum extent, we design 36 steering knuckles for the skeleton

What's required for the knuckle is that it can move easily, and remain at a posture without spring back

how we make dolls

we want our dolls to bring perfect experience to people both to the eyes and to the touch.

new Platinum silicone rubber is used for the doll skin. It's softer and feels more like real skin.

Silicone sfety report  Silicone video

What kind doll do you what, share your vision with us

thinkers and builders working together to create the doll alive and accessible

Tell us your suggestions

The DS doll skin silicone upgrade

We always researching new silicone skin for our doll, for better user experience.

All our doll use the new silicone since 2015.

The current new silicone is very soft, with the damping effect, skin tone feel more like real woman.

New material of oil leak much reduced, no more shining on the doll skin.

new silicone skin for the doll 01

the breast is with super soft material solid silicone inside. more info

new silicone skin for the doll 02

new silicone skin for the doll 02

please check the vdieo for more info : New silicone

The DS doll growing

Now we are studying robot technology. Including dolls with facial expressions, Dolls can smile and speak, Even sing and dance.

Certainly, it is a gigantic project, It requires enormous resources and time.

But a journey of one thousand miles begins with one step. We have a good start. We believe that DS will have a promising future.

New progress in 2018

Now we we have completed a prototype. a robotic doll head.

she is with a complicated mechanical structure inside of the head, and has a very sofe silicone skin.

sex robot head sex robot head sex robot head sex robot head sex robot head sex robot head

here is a video show our prototype doll head 2017.

Video of robot head

here is a video show our robotic doll research and development progress 2018.

Video of robotic doll Robotic doll cosplay

more info about the robot products, please visit our robotic doll official website in Europe:

robotic doll Europe website

DS Future

our mission is to respond to people's longing and expectation for beautiful things.

Each doll manufactured by us fulfills that mission.

we change every day: DS is constantly innovating technologies, upgrading product quality

Value today, the company's growth has entered a new stage.

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