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Silicone love dolls are not only used as an adult toy. They are used as models for events, photographers,
and film makers as mannequins that "come to life" as they are capable of many different poses.

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Foam sex dolls are lighter than ever before, incredibly weight only 8 kg. the doll can be hold by only one hand, the doll arm and leg are detachable, the doll can be hided in very small space.
the foam doll also very soft. the doll skin may not feel like real skin as silicone, but it is warm.

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The DS-MINI is resized from 178cm supermodel body (real person). It's just bigger than a 1/2 size sculpture to bring the doll to 100cm.
The mini doll body is easy to operate, easy for storage and is low weight. Although the doll body is we have kept all the shape and details.

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