doll customsize order options

Self-selection of doll components:customize your special doll

Our life-sized dolls have various optional combinations. Customers can choose different options according to desire.

This web page has an automatic price calculation function. Only the shipping fee is variable depending on the shipping address.

If you are ordering only a separate doll head, the price will be $720-750, but with doll body, the extra doll head will be $620-650.

We offer discount for all the silicone doll now, the 167cm doll is $2999, 158~163 dolls are $2899. correct price will confirm by email.

the correct price and shipping fee will confirm by email after place the order.

We currently have 8 body options for our customers. For more detailed size and pictures please see "Dolls" page. All the doll body with anal sex function.

We currently have 20 heads options customers, heads can fit size with different body types.

doll heads for the 158cm-167cm bodies, also can be installed on 170cm male body.

The eyes of dolls are Acrylic simulation eyes. There are eyes in 4 colors. all of the doll head has movable eyes, except "KaylaCE", "DoraCE" head.

The basic skin colors of the dolls are light pink or white (for European and American series), light yellow (for Asian series), and brown (sun-tanned color) (the pictures may be of slight difference with the real products).

We offer two kinds of joints: the fixable joint is tight and posable; the loose joint is soft, very easy to move, but can not fix a pose. ( we recommend soft joints if first time play with silicone doll) The price is the same.

Finger, the doll hand with bones in the fingers, maniphalanx, can make a variety of hand movements; however, as its structure is more complicated, it is easier to be damaged. finger bone option is free now.

The basic doll does not include nails. Users can decide whether to buy nails or not and to decide the color of the nails according to their needs. (This option includes toe nails) the nails option is free now.

We offer 4 type of pubic hair: black thick, black sparse, brown thick, brown sparse. and no fur. the pubes charge $80.

We currently offer 4 types of wigs: golden short hair, golden long hair, black short hair and black long hair. Customers can choose according to their fancy. The standard wig is free, if you want another wig, please select on our DS mall. the male doll face only offer standard wigs.

We currently offer 2 types of doll package: wooden cases and carton box, packaging is free, carton box lower the freight $80, wooden cases is heavy. Both styles of box ensure safe arrival of your doll but the wooden box is more permanent should you want to move house . . .

the board box is sold out, only the carton box for pakcage now.

If you want the doll body and the head shipped separately  why?


Please confirm whether the order details, conform to your requirements and whether there is any mistake or omission. Clicking "CHECK SHIPPING FEE" will auto calculate the shipping fee according to your address, then click "ADD TO CART" will send the order to your shopping cart ( only for register user ), click "CONFIRM" button will direct purchase and check out.

the doll discount price will confirm by email or message after place the order.

My order details:

doll body:163cm | head:Kayla | eyes:Amber | skin:Yellow | joint:Tight | finger:NoBone | nails:paint | pubes:NoFur | wigs:GLong | package:Carton (one box)  | price:$3910

shipping the doll incarton box toUSA or European will cost$500-700

more shipping information, please check:
doll package  doll shipping

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