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we took all pictures with no any edit on the doll

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a registered DS user can get better sevice with full support function from the website.

DS user can check shopping cart, and all the order processing online, include shipping informations

DS user can leave message on website, easy to ask questions and receive answers.

but register a DS user is not necessary, customer also can order the doll directly on our website.

 Doll owners

share the doll pictures and experiences.

Both professional photographers and enthusiasts, we welcome your pictures and reviews.

Many people may be interested in how to purchase a silicone doll from China and your experience may help: please share with other doll enthusiast.

here are DS places in some professional doll forums  BBS LINKS

DS Love Dolls

The life-sized simulation doll is a kind of human model with a height similar to that of a real person.

The dolls can move as a real person. As the limbs can move flexibly, they can be used for photography with fixed poses.

upgraded mechanical structures joints will operate easily

Check doll movment info:Doll range of movements  also, please check the videos about the doll movement:Videos

Our products are not only adult sex toy, but work of art

DS are most cost - effective, free-style combination of the doll heads and bodies

we have 10 kinds of doll bodies, 26 kinds of doll heads, include the skin color and eye's color, there are more than twenty thousand kinds of combinations, and everyone's doll is unique.

Learn more about the DS products:Doll informations

Play with the doll sex function

main purpose of the love doll is sex simulation.

our sex doll with removable insert. also have anal, we have 2 heads with oral.

the doll is not inflatable variety, it is heavy and for sex function, it's necessary to give her the correct posture. Of course the doll is not real woman so customers have to take time for "running in" to find the most comfortable positions.

here are some posed pictures for reference:

how to use the sex doll 01

how to use the sex doll 02

Sexual play with the doll will need a lot lubricating fluid: it can be same lubricants type for real sex. Shower gels are also ok.

love doll sex function instruction

doll insert is removable, easy to take out for cleaning. the inserts is resilient material, it can fit 15-20cm. The anal hole length is 10cm.

We offer 2 kind male doll penis, erect and atrophic.

The bigger dildo inside with skeleton, it can be change the angle and bend. the small dildo is soft silicone, no skeleton inside.

male type love doll sex function dildo

The big dildo size is about 15cm length, diameter of 3.5cm. the Male type doll body's anal hole is 12cm deep.

The male type doll body also can install the regular female insert, there is same hole on the body, the female body can install the dildo too.

male type love doll dildo install

here are more pictures for reference:

male doll body   male doll gallery   male doll body size

Silicone doll sex function video refrence:

insert set up  doll anal  doll oral  doll butt

if the vdieo don't display, please change other browser. or download it by right click save as.

Display the doll photographic purposes

Our silicone dolls are not only sex toys. They can be use for display and photographic models. In this mode the lifelike realism is extraordinary.

Many doll owners use our products principally or exclusively for photographic purposes. Our dolls come with a blank insert so that they can be dressed for photoshoots professionally without any embarrassment

Customers can dress the doll to any character.

Taking doll pictures is not easy as taking pictures of a real person. Dressing the doll, preparing with talc or baby powder to reduce reflections and ease dressing, setting the wig, the posture as well as light and camera all takes time and care!

some doll owner use the doll for CosPlay, Thanks to the customers who share photos with us.

Customer pictures for reference:

  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample
  • display doll exsample

more pictures from doll owner, please check our doll gallery more pictures  Doll reviews

Almost questions you can find anwser here

also, please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our dolls, website and purchase process

 Doll head sell separately ?

if only ordering a separate doll head, the price will be $720-750 but if ordered with a doll body, the extra doll head will be $620-650.

 Can I order custom face by photo ?

no, because the image rights: we don't offer face custom work

 Is the Doll head removable ?

yes, all the doll heads are remobale, we have 10 kinds of bodies and 26 kinds of heads. they can free combination.

 How to install head ?

here is a video show how to install doll head on bodydoll head set up video

 Can the joints fix a posed position ?

Yes, the tight joints can fix a posture. We offer 2 kinds of joint: loose joint and tight joint. Only the tight joints can fix posture.

 can all the doll with nails ?

Yes, we can give all dolls both hand and toe nails.

 Can all the dolls have anal facility?

Yes, we can give all the doll with anal hole. But we don't recommend this action as it's easy to tear the silicone.

 Can all the doll provide oral facility?

We only have 2 doll heads with oral function, but we don't recommend this action, as it's easy to tear the silicone and harm their beauty.

 What skin colors are your dolls?

We offer 4 kinds standard skin color, white, light pink, yellow, brown. check doll color

 can the doll stand on her feet??

The doll can stand on her feet against the wall or by holding some support that supports her. But she should only stand for a short time to protect the silicone feet.

 how to install the insert ?

here are some video about the doll inserts for reference.

insert video

 What material is the skin ?

The doll skin is platinum silicone rubber.

 What is inside the doll ?

the doll is the NON inflatable variety. no air inside. it has mechanical structures joints and the interior structures of the dolls are filled with soft PU sponge and covered with high-quality simulation silicone skin.

 What weight is the doll ?

please check the "body" page, there are information about all dollsdoll info

 how to order the doll ?

please check the "Purchase" button on the top of this page, there is informations about the puchase process.

 how to repair the doll ?

If the doll skin tear or broken, please contact us with email, we will help for repair.

We have the repair kits for free, but sorry for that there is no any shipping company can take liquid from China.

here is a link :,-Silicone-an/c11_1189/index.html

Customers have found "Permatex flowable silicone windshield sealer" also to be good:

also may find more similar glue in your local store or online shop.

Doll repair info :repair

 Can the doll go into water ?

The doll can take a shower and also you can put the doll in to water, but don't put the doll neck and all doll head into water. Do not put the metal parts into water.

 Make the doll breast bigger or smaller ?

The doll mould is fixed, the doll breast size can not change.

 Does the doll make-up erase ?

The doll make-up can not erase. It is part of the silicone colour. It will not disappear even with washing with water. Customer can make-up the doll with normal cosmetics but we don't recommend oil type cosmetics.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us email or message, we will reply as soon as we can.

Purchase a doll from DS

As doll products are special and involve complex working procedures, we only accept advanced orders for the time being.

It takes 1-3 weeks to complete manufacturing a doll after confirmation of the order. During the manufacturing process, we will inform the customers of the production progress and the relevant information at all times.

Select your doll

customer can make orders form our "SELECTS" page and "DS-Mall" page.

The SELECTS page offers all options of our dolls. customer can select and combination the options and make every doll distinctive style.

We have many options for the doll - doll heads, type of joints, doll finger details. Some of the options carry an extra charge.

how to purchase

how to purchase

when selet all the options, click confirm button will submit the order.

how to purchase

SELECTS web page has automatic price calculation function, it will provide a price for reference. Also customers can check the shipping reference fee by clicking the button. All the prices are estimated but we will confirm the correct price and shipping fee by email or message.

how to purchase

Registered DS users can edit the shipping address on the "Account" page which shows on the page top after log in. Users can check the doll making process and order states on the website, also, register DS user can leave us message directly on the web page.

how to purchase

Non-registered users can order our doll directly. We will contact such customers by email.

DS MALL offer all the peripherals and assistance, include some clothes and wigs.

DS MALL also offer recommend dolls and discount dolls.

Confirm the order

All orders of dolls or items will list in the shopping cart.

Customers can check, edit and delete the order on the account page.

how to purchase

We will received the order after the customer submits it, and we will send customer confirmatory email or message as soon as we can

we will confirm the doll order details, price, shipping fee and payment in the email.

if customer didn't receive our email or message after 3 business days, please check the email spam folder and email us:


when we send the confirm email, there will be the accurate price and shipping fee.

Payment may via bank-to-bank transfer (bank may charge $20-60), and payment also may made by Paypal( it will extra charge 4.5%).

We will send customers the bill or the bank info of first part (15-30%), when customer decided to make the order.

We start making the doll when we have received an advance payment. the doll making process will take 2-3 weeks. include the color painting and make up.

No refund if production has begun.

and customer can pay the rest of amount when the doll is completed, also we will send customer picture of the doll to confirm when it ready.

we will ship the doll when we have received the payment of the rest of the amount.

Bank transfer may cause a few days delay. Usually, it take 2-3 days but some bank will take a week. We recommend Paypal!

We ship dolls throughout the world

We use a reliable third - party logistics company who take care of all the import problem for customers.

Customers don't need to worry about how to import a doll from China: there is no any paper work and extra charge, and the shipping company will help with customs clearance and tax.

We need customer's shipping address, so customers need to fill out the contact information on the account page.

shipping info

If you are not a registered user, please full the shipping address on order form.

shipping info

Customers' privacy is important to DS doll, we will not disclose any personal privacy.

International shipping

Our shipping company will use DHL,TNT or UPS for International transport and this is door to door delivery.

We will give customer the tracking number so that customer can check the shipping process online.

The customer's phone number is given to the Shipping company, they will call for make an appointment of delivery time or ask payment for ant customs fee when the doll box has arrived.

For a few countries the international shipping may not give door to door service and it may go to the closest customs clearing office to your location, which may be your nearest airport. If this is the case, when the doll arrives you will be contacted by the shipping company.

Of course customers do not want the "sex doll" on the paper and box so we will declare the doll "mannequin" or any name the customer wants.

We can ship the doll body and the head separately but with extra shipping fee for the head.

Shipping fee

The shipping fee only depends box size and shipping address.

We offer 2 kinds of packaging for the doll - a wood box and carton box. They are both safe for shipping the doll and so far, we didn't have reports of any package damagefrom customers. The wood box is helpful should you want to move house with your doll at a future stage: the carton box is not very rugged for re-use.

Please click the button "check the cost of doll shipping" to customer's countryCheck shipping

Shipping dolls outside China for some countries may be subject to the customs fees, import duties and taxes of the country to which you have your order shipped. Our shipping company will help customer deal with all the problem.

If customs charge tax for the doll, usually customer don't need to do any paper work with customs, shipping company will send bill to customer, if can make payment online, it will be very easy.

More detail about doll package, please check the support pagedoll package info

Here we have many reviews show the experience about how to order the doll from China, please check the doll forums.see doll reviews

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